Case Balance Summary Report
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Case Balance Summary Report


The Case Balance Summary Report in MyCase is an easy way to view the Accounts Receivable, Draft in Progress, and Work In Progress totals for all your cases broken down by client. You’ll then see your client’s overall trust balance based on the previous totals.

  1. To access the Case Balance Summary Report, click the Reporting tab at the top of the screen. In the left-hand menu

  2. Click on Case Balance Summary Report.

  3. To run the Case Balance Summary Report for the firm, click the blue Run Report button.

Important: Clients with zero dollar ($0) balances will not be included in the report.

Report Options:

Users select the Run Report button when creating a Case Balance Summary Report. This will begin the process of running the report. When loaded, the report appears on the page you are on.

Export Report: Users can export the report to PDF or CSV files.

The generated Case, Balance Summary Report, shows all the totals in their related column on the screen, including the client’s running trust balance.

Category Breakdown:

Accounts Receivable: Total of any unpaid invoices in the Unsent, Sent, Partial & Overdue status.

Draft In Progress: Total receivables amount that are in Draft status.

Work In Progress: Total of any un-invoiced balances.

Total: Combined total of Accounts Receivable, Draft In Progress, and Work in Progress

Client Trust Balance: Total balance of all available client trust funds

Balance: Total available trust balance minus any A/R, Draft in Progress, and Work in Progress balances for all cases.

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