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MyCase eSignature makes the process of preparing and signing routine case and intake documents simple and seamless.

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MyCase eSignature makes the process of preparing and signing routine case and intake documents simple and seamless. You can request signatures from multiple clients, countersignatures, collect information with text fields, and insert merge fields to automatically populate documents. Your firm can easily prepare and send the document to a Lead (potential client) or active client, and firm members sign without leaving MyCase to find an email for the document. Clients can sign and return in fewer clicks, and the signed document is available to all parties and accessible in MyCase automatically. You can also monitor the status of all your signature requests on the eSignature Dashboard on the Documents tab.

How to Send an eSignature Request with MyCase

How it Works

  1. Upload and prepare your PDF or Word document

    • Add your document to any case or potential case (under the documents tab). Click the pen icon to add signer(s). Then, place signature and other fields on your document for both clients and countersigned.

  2. Request signatures easily and securely

    • Include a custom message and send your signature request to your client(s) right from MyCase.

  3. Your client(s) can review & sign

    • Your client(s) will receive an email with a link to review and electronically sign the agreement right from their computer or mobile device. Any countersigned will receive an email requesting their signature as soon as all clients have signed.

  4. We'll email you the signed agreement and save it right to MyCase

    • We'll notify you when the document is signed and send all signers an email with the completed document attached. The document will be immediately saved to MyCase.

How to create an eSignature document

MyCase’s eSignature feature has been designed to accept eSignatures for your Leads (potential clients) and active cases. To request an eSignature, first enter the potential client in the system as a Lead or navigate to the case needing a signature. Learn more about adding Leads click here.

Once the lead or client has been added to the system or you have navigated to the case that you would like to request a signature for, you have the ability to request an eSignature on any contract, retainer agreement, power of attorney, etc. The document must be in PDF or Word format and uploaded to the Lead/ Case. To upload a document to a Lead/ Case, navigate to the lead or Case that you would like to upload the document to. Select the subtab of Documents within the Potential Case/Case details page and then either drag and drop your document to upload or choose the add action button >> Document.

Once the document has been uploaded, click on the pen icon located on the right hand side of the document's name to add signature(s) to the document.

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Prepare your eSignature document once and send it to a single signer or multiple signers in a single step. You can also add countersignature fields to your document so a firm member can add their signature as the final step. MyCase will send the completed document to all parties.

After you have added all the signers and countersigned for the document, select "Prepare document for signing." After this is selected, a new window will appear with the document shown.

There are five field options at the top left to choose from: Signature, Initials, Date, Merge Field, or Text Field.

Text Fields allow you to streamline data collection by including open text fields with customizable labels on your eSignature documents. You can assign these text fields to a signer or to yourself so that you can populate the information before sending the signature request.

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Merge Fields allow you to automatically populate documents with data that is already stored in MyCase. You can insert both standard and custom fields that are associated to the case or any contact linked to the case. The contact does not have to be a signer of the document. You can also automate the signature process even more with merge fields in eSignature Templates.
Select the desired type and then navigate to the location in the document that you would like to place the field and click. This will place a field (signature, initials, date, or text field) in that location. Make sure to assign the signature, initials, date, or text field to the correct signer with the drop down on the right.

Enter as many signature, initial, or date fields as necessary. After all necessary fields have been entered, choose the option to "Save and Continue" on the top right.

How to send an eSignature request directly from MyCase

After you have added the signature fields to the document, you will return to the initial pop up screen where you can confirm you signer’s name, email address and custom message. After you have reviewed all of these fields, you can send the request to your client by clicking on the action box for Send.

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For you reference, here is what your clients will receive when you request an eSignature from them.
Please note that the document version can no longer be changed once a signature request has been sent.

How to monitor request status & review a signed document

After an eSignature request has been sent, you can monitor the status of the request within the Documents tab of the Lead/Case you requested it from or from the Signature Dashboard. These statuses will be: Unsent, Pending Signature, Signed. After your client has signed the document, you will be able to view the pdf with your client's signature. Additionally, all firm members linked to the case will receive an email notification when signed.

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You can also monitor the status of all pending signature documents and easily resend requests from a single dashboard screen. Simply navigate to the global "Documents" tab and then the "eSignature Documents" tab at the top of the screen.

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How to Void or Resend a Signature Request

Signature requests can be voided or re-sent from the Document tab in a Lead or Case Details or the eSignature Dashboard.

To void a signature request, click the pen icon for any signature document that has already been sent and click the Void Request button. This will invalidate all pending signature request links that were already emailed so that additional signatures cannot be collected. Additionally, it will add a VOID watermark to the signed document that is stored in MyCase.

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To resend a signature request, click the pen icon for any signature document that has already been sent and click the Resend to Unsigned button. This will send another email requesting a signature from all pending signers.

Sign Documents without Leaving MyCase

Firm members with a MyCase license can also sign a document without leaving MyCase, saving time when countersigning and for documents where only a single firm member, like the attorney, needs to sign. No need to wait for or find the email in your inbox.

To sign a document yourself when you are the only signer, click the Pen icon next to any PDF or Word document as you normally would by inserting the signature, date, text, and merge fields. You will be required to sign or initial the document before saving.

You can also countersign documents that are ready for your signature directly from the eSignature Documents Dashboard. Filter the list to those signature documents with a status of "Pending my Signature." You can click "Countersign Now" and be brought directly to the signing experience without having to leave MyCase.

eSignature Troubleshooting

An error may be shown in some instances when preparing a PDF for eSignature. This could occur in:

  1. A password protected PDF

  2. A malformatted PDF

  3. A PDF with older versions

If you encounter the error, you can try one of the following:

Open the pdf in a web browser, print it, and select save as pdf.

  1. Open the pdf in web browser by right clicking and select “open with chrome” or other web browser of your choice. Or, drag the file into your browser.

  2. Print the file by selecting File > Print

  3. Select Save as PDF

  4. Upload this new PDF to MyCase and request a signature.

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