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Account Setup & Settings
Account Setup & Settings

Use the articles in this section to help you setup your MyCase account, adjust your account's settings, edit firm user permissions, and more. This section will help you ensure that your MyCase account is configured properly so that you can begin utilizing the rest of the features we offer.

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Migrating Data from a Previous System into MyCase
Onboarding Quick Start Guide for MyCase
Firmwide Two-Factor Authentication
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How to Import Outstanding Bills (Firm Expenses)
Navigating Settings in MyCase
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How do I upgrade my MyCase subscription?
What web browser should I use for running MyCase?
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Global Search Bar
What's the difference between an admin user and a regular user?
Account Setup Guide
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MyCase Status (System Performance)
How To Export Data From TimeSlips
Is MyCase compatible with both PC and Mac?
How To Export Data From Interbill
How To Export Data From Time59
How To Export Data From CaseFox
How to Bulk Add Users
MyCase Basic Tier
How to Export Data from Firm Central
How to Export Data from ProLaw
How to Export Data from Lawcus
How do I start a free trial?
MyCase Home Dashboard
Interactive Getting Started Bar
How do I undo a data import?
How do I access my account settings page?
How do I update my email address?
Help! I forgot my password.
Add Item Menu- a huge time saver!
How to create and print lists in MyCase
Set up your Office Locations
Upgrading Your MyCase Account
How to Export Data from Tabs3 with Practice Master
How to Export Data from Amicus
Can I login to my MyCase account from different computers simultaneously?
How To Export Data From Time Matters
Importing Contacts from Google/Gmail
Creating Custom Field Lists
How can I change my password?
Security & Data Redundancy
MyCase App Overview
Custom Field Types
Importing Contacts from MS Outlook
How To Export Data From Practice Panther
How To Export Data From Clio
What are firm users?
MyCase on your Mobile Device
Importing Time Entries & Expenses
How to Represent Open Balances from Previous System in MyCase
Changing My Automatic Logout Time
How to Master MyCase
How to Export Data from PCLaw
Updating Your Firm's Payment Information
How do I reactivate a deactivated firm user?
How do I add firm users to MyCase?
How to Edit Your Notification Settings
Conflict Checking in MyCase
Setting default billing rates for firm employees
Custom Fields Overview [w/ VIDEO]
Two-Factor Authentication Security
MyCase 101: A Getting Started Guide
Importing Cases
Importing Contacts & Companies
How do I get my data out of MyCase?
Get Comfortable with the MyCase Layout
How much does MyCase cost?
Editing User Access Permissions [w/ VIDEO]
What if I need help with something?
MyCase Guided Implementation
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