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Get Comfortable with the MyCase Layout
Get Comfortable with the MyCase Layout

This article will get you quickly acquainted with the various tabs and layouts in MyCase.

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This article will get you quickly acquainted with the various tabs and layouts in MyCase.

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Main Tabs

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Home - This is your Dashboard. It displays "Quick Add" icons to easily add information into MyCase, a Recent Activity stream of the latest firm developments, as well as important alerts and upcoming events tasks. Think of it as home base!

Calendar - View your upcoming events for both you and the entire firm. Learn more about the Calendar.

Tasks - Stay on top of what needs to get done from the Tasks tab. You can create tasks and assign them to yourself as well as other users at your firm. Learn more about Tasks.

Contacts - Browse all of the clients, companies, and contacts that you and your firm have created.

Cases - Cases is where you can access all of your Cases/Matters/Files in MyCase. From there, clicking on a particular case will take you to its Case Details page with more information about the case. Learn more about Cases .

Documents - The Documents tab will show you all of the documents (docs, images, videos, etc.) that have been uploaded into MyCase. Documents can be linked to specific cases, or filed as more general "Firm Documents". Documents can also be shared with clients and contacts through a secure login portal. Learn more about Documents.

Billing - The Billing tab is where you go to access the time and billing features of MyCase. These features include trust accounting, time and expense tracking, invoice creation, online payment processing, and more. Learn more about Billing.

Reports - While our Reporting features are still in Beta, they are still quite useful. You can use MyCase Reporting to generate detailed time and billing reports. More reports are coming soon!

Communications - MyCase has an internal messaging system that lets you send and receive messages to staff and/or clients. It has all the functionality that you'd expect from an email system, but with the added security and privacy of MyCase Security. Learn more about Messaging. In addition to MyCase Messaging, the Communications tab includes your Mailbox, Call Log, Text Messages, and Comments.

Leads - The Leads feature in MyCase allows you to easily add and track your leads. Leads look similar to Contacts, in that you can add their personal information and later choose if they should be made a Contact or not. You can also track information on the potential case by adding a lead to the system. When converted, a new case and contact will be added into your account with the corresponding information. Learn more about Leads.

More Options

Clicking on the dropdown menu next to your name will display a menu with more options:

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Settings - Configure the various preferences and settings options that are available in MyCase.

Update Profile Picture - Either add or edit the profile picture associated with your firm user account.

Integrations & Apps - MyCase Integrates with Google, Quickbooks, Outlook and more! Learn about our Custom Websites.

Upgrade today - If you haven't already added payment information into your account, you will have this option.

Switch Account - If you are linked to multiple MyCase accounts with the same email and password, you will have an option to easily switch between accounts.

Logout - Logout of your MyCase account.

Global Search Bar

The Global Search bar is a great way to quickly navigate around MyCase. Simply type a case name, client name, phone number, email address, document name, etc., and we will auto-match it for you!

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Bottom Dock Bar

At the bottom of your account, you will see the Bottom Dock Bar.

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Compose Email - Quickly and easily compose and send an email right from MyCase.

Calendar Integration - If you have your Outlook or Google calendar synced with MyCase, click this icon to view the sync tool and details for your calendar integration.

Email Integration - Forward external emails into MyCase and save them to your preferred Case or Contact file! Learn more about Email Integration.

Quickbooks Sync - If you have synced your Quickbooks with MyCase, use this icon to access the Quickbooks sync toll and details window.

Date Calculator - Wherever you are in MyCase, you can calculate a future date by using this feature. Learn more about the Date Calculator.

Integrations & Apps - The 'plus' icon is another quick and easy shortcut to the Integrations & Apps page!

Smart Time Finder - With Smart Time Finder working in the background, passively tracking all activities done in MyCase, you’ll be sure to meet your firm's billing targets, improve efficiency, and maximize case profitability. Stop losing money on forgotten entries while simultaneously spending less time and energy tracking your time!

"My hours billed" - A running tally of all time entries you have entered in a day.

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