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Onboarding Quick Start Guide for MyCase
Onboarding Quick Start Guide for MyCase

Congratulations on choosing MyCase for your business!

Written by Jodi Hinkle
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Congratulations on choosing MyCase for your business! We understand that as a legal professional, time really does equal money - that is why we created this Onboarding Quick Start Guide to help you get started as efficiently as possible.

This guide gives you the tools you need to start using MyCase immediately. You will find information to manage your practice seamlessly. We'd like to encourage you to sign up for a MyCase 101 webinar to ask questions.

​At the bottom of the application, we provide a Get Help button where you can ask questions, see what's new and find articles related to specific actions within MyCase.

How to Use This Guide

This guide is designed with you and your firm in mind. Training is on demand and can be viewed anywhere at any time.

Each section contains a video, a helpful article, or a product tour. Please note you must be logged into your MyCase account to engage with product tours.

You can review each section in order or jump to a specific topic. There are links within the guide that take you outside of this guide, like our Knowledge Center, a video or a Product Tour in the app.

Once you complete the sections in this guide, you will be ready to use MyCase. Remember that with every new experience, repetition is your greatest learning tool. Feel free to follow along in MyCase while watching the videos and exploring help articles. Feel free to come back here for information.

At the bottom of the application, you can ask questions via the Get Help button, see what's new and find articles related to specific actions within MyCase.

Setting Up and Customizing MyCase Account Settings and Preferences

Navigating MyCase

Customizing Your Account

Setup your firm’s practice areas, case stages and custom fields for cases and contacts. While MyCase has some basic fields set up, you can personalize your account with information relevant to your practice.

Additional Setup Items


Billing & Invoicing

Setting Billing & Invoicing Preferences

Time Tracking & Expenses

Setting up LawPay Payments


Dive Deeper

This link takes you to the MyCase Support Center, where you can search for additional information or review sections relevant to you and your firm, such as setting up Accounts and Settings, Accounting, Reporting and Workflows.

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If you find you are in need of assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our

Customer Success team, available Monday-Friday from 6 AM-5 PM PST:

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