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Migrating Data from a Previous System into MyCase
Migrating Data from a Previous System into MyCase
Written by Jodi Hinkle
Updated over a week ago


Import information from another program to MyCase utilizing our import tools

built into MyCase. Before migrating your information into MyCase, you should ensure

that your data is consistently formatted, well organized, sufficiently backed up, and

stored securely.

What can be imported into MyCase?

The importing tools allow the following to be imported:

  • Cases

  • Contacts

  • Companies

  • Unbilled Time Entries & Expenses

The Data Migration Process in Three Steps

  1. Export Data

  2. Place Data in Template

  3. Import into MyCase

Migrating Data in MyCase

1. Export data from your previous program.

Note: Our Knowledge Center has information on exporting from some programs.

Tip: We encourage you to contact Customer Support from your previous program if you need help.

2. Enter your Custom Fields into MyCase by going to Settings > All Settings > Custom Fields.

3. Place your Contact, Company or Case data into our Import Templates found in

Settings > All Settings > Import/Export > click into either Contacts & Companies or Cases > Download Template.

4. Import any contacts, companies and cases first. This will set the foundation in your

MyCase account.

5. If you have unbilled time entries and expenses, import them next by using the Template

provided. Go to the Billing tab > Time Entries or Expenses > Add Time Entry or

Expense > Import > Download Template. These items must be able to link to Cases in

your account.

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