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The MyCase Advanced tier was created for firms who wish to take advantage of all the cutting-edge features MyCase has to offer. In addition to all of the features available on the Basic and Pro tiers, firm users on Advanced can enjoy the very best tech MyCase has to offer, including advanced document management, open API, and more!

Advanced Tier Pricing

Monthly subscription: $109/user/month
Annual subscription: $99/user/month (billed up front for the year)

MyCase Advanced Tier Feature Breakdown



Full Feature Overview

MyCase Drive

MyCase Drive enables fast and secure file management that seamlessly integrates your desktop with MyCase. MyCase Drive is a virtual drive that can be installed on both PC and Mac computers.

Click here to visit a full overview on MyCase Drive

Full Text Search

MyCase's full text search allows you to find documents based on a content match by searching through the text of your documents, making it easy to find the documents you are looking for quickly.

Click here to visit a full overview on Full Text Search

Open API Access

MyCase’s Open API allows firms to connect more of the other softwares that they use to MyCase for increased data sharing, decreased manual error-prone duplicate entry, and creating more automated workflow processes.

Click here to visit a full overview on Open API

Advanced Document Automation

Advanced Document Automation brings your firm's drafting process to the next level!
Build templates in Microsoft Word, eliminate embarrassing errors, and reduce the risk of inaccurate document drafting.

Click here to visit a full overview on Advanced Document Automation

Rate Plans

Rate plans simplify the billing process by eliminating the need to manually enter billing rates every time a new case is created. This minimizes the chances of errors and saves a significant amount of time. With rate plans, you can easily apply the appropriate billing rates to cases, ensuring accurate client billing.

Click here to visit a full overview on Rate Plans.

Upgrading to the Advanced Tier

If you are interested in upgrading to the Advanced tier, you can do so by navigating to Settings > All Settings > Firm Settings > Billing.

Note: You must be an admin user to edit your MyCase subscription.

If you have any questions or need help with the process, please feel free to reach out to MyCase Customer Support for further assistance. The team can be reached Monday through Friday from 6:00am to 5:00pm PST.

  • Phone: 800-571-8062

  • Chat with the team by clicking Get Help in the bottom right hand corner of your MyCase account


Q: If I opt to switch to the Advanced tier, when will the change take effect?

A: Your upgrade will take effect immediately. We will prorate the subscription fee and charge your card on file to ensure your account is updated without delay, allowing your firm to start enjoying the new features as soon as possible. Please note that this will change your regular billing date to the day of your upgrade.

Q: Can some users in my firm have Advanced access while others do not?
A: No, "Advanced" is a firm-level tier, so all users within your firm must be on the same tier.

Q: If I downgrade, will I lose access to ADA templates?

A: Downgrading from the Advanced tier will result in loss of access to ADA. However, you can regain access to all your templates by upgrading again at any time.

Q: My Pro subscription already includes templates. What's the benefit of having ADA as well?

A: The template functionality on the Pro tier offers basic template features without the advanced functionality of ADA. ADA allows you to draft multiple documents simultaneously, incorporate multiple contact information into documents, use conditional logic, and more! For a full overview of the Advanced Document Automation feature, please refer to our documentation, please click here.

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