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What's the difference between an admin user and a regular user?
What's the difference between an admin user and a regular user?
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Every law firm's MyCase account has an Admin User assigned to it. By default, the admin user will be the person who signed up for the firm's MyCase account.

This admin user also has the ability to set other Firm Users as admin users (there can be multiple admin users on one account).

An Admin User is someone who has full access permissions, billing permissions, and admin access within MyCase. They can view information for every case/matter in the system, regardless of whether or not they are linked to it. They are also the only users who can enter credit card information to pay for the firm's MyCase subscription. Additionally, Admin Users are the only people who can edit the firm's contact information and online payment settings.

Regular Users are all of the other Firm Users who are not designated Admin Users.

Upgrading a Regular User to an Admin User

You must be an Admin User in order to upgrade other users to an Admin User.

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If you would like to upgrade a Regular User to an Admin User, navigate to Settings > Firm Users. Select "Edit" for the appropriate Firm User, then check Yes for option: "Manage your firm's preferences, billing, and payment options?"

We also recommend that you check Yes for the option: "Edit user permission settings," to grant the ability to edit other users' permissions.

You will not be charged more for upgrading users to an Admin User status.

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