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What is full text search?

MyCase built in full text search allows you to find documents based on a content match by searching through the text of your documents, making it easy to find the documents you are looking for quickly.

  • MyCase searches the content of your PDF and Word documents.

  • MyCase provides matching content search results with highlighting in the web browser.

How do I use full text search in MyCase?

  1. Type search term in main search bar

  2. Click the search button or Search Everything (Conflict Check) in the drop down. This will take you to the Advanced Search page where you can see Full Text Search results.


3. On the Advanced Search page, you will be presented with all matching results.


4. If you need to narrow it down, use the document filter on the left hand side of the screen.


5. If there is a text match, you will see the match highlighted in the matching column labeled "Document Body."


6. If you want to confirm it is the correct document, click the preview icon near the title of the document. Clicking the preview icon will open:

  • PDFs preview in a new tab.

  • Word documents preview in Word via MyCase Desktop. If you do not have MyCase Desktop, you will be prompted to download it.


What types of documents can I search?

You may search for text in most PDF documents and any Word document.

How do I know if the content of a document can be searched?

Not all file types are searchable. You can tell if the content of a document will be available for full text search if on the document details page you see the FTS badge.

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