How do I share information with clients and contacts?

The power feature of MyCase lies in the ability to provide your clients and contacts 24/7 access to selected case

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The power feature of MyCase lies in the ability to provide your clients and contacts 24/7 access to selected case information (documents, calendar events, invoices, etc.)


The keyword to remember here is selected. You'll always have full control over what information they ARE and ARE NOT allowed to see.

We've built a simple, yet secure system for controlling sharing that protects against accidentally sharing information with the wrong client/contact. The sharing system is made of three layers, each of which is described below:

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You have the option to enable or disable MyCase access for each contact in the system. If you disable the login privileges for a contact, nobody at your firm will be able to share information with that person. However, enabling login privileges will invite that person into the system and you will have the option of sharing selected case information with them.

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The next step is linking the client/contact to a case. This is important because you will only be able to share information related to a particular case with people who have been linked to that case. This prevents against the accidental disclosure of information to individuals who are unrelated to the case. For example: If you have uploaded documents to Case XYZ, you'll only be able to share those documents with contacts linked to Case XYZ.

Please Note: Linking a client or contact to a case DOES NOT automatically share case information with that person. You will need to select which particular items to share (covered below in Layer 3).

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So, you've gotten past Layers 1 and 2 by enabling MyCase access for a client/contact, and you've linked that person to a case. At this point, there is still no information being shared with this person - you will need to let MyCase know which specific items (documents, calendar events, invoices, etc.) you'd like to share with them.

Why doesn't MyCase just automatically share all case information with someone when they're linked to a case? Simple - because you may not want to share EVERY piece of case information with someone. You may have uploaded 25 documents to the case file, but there are only 12 you'd like to share with your client. Layer 3 gives you that flexiblity...

Everytime you add an item to the case file, you'll be presented with a list of all the clients and contacts you've linked to the case. Each person will have a checkbox next to their name. Select the checkboxes for everyone you'd like to share the item with.

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