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Sharing Calendar Events
Sharing Calendar Events

This article will walk you through both sharing a new calendar event and sharing an existing calendar event.

Written by Crystal Lindsey
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This article will walk you through both sharing a new calendar event and sharing an existing calendar event.


Sharing a New Calendar Event

When you're creating a calendar event that is related to a case/matter, you can easily share it with clients and contacts.

Click Add Event to display the add event box. In the Case Link field, type the name of the case/matter that the event should be linked to. Once you select the case from the auto-match list, the Sharing column will populate with all of the clients and contacts that you've linked to the case (pictured below).

User-added image

Notice how every person has two checkboxes next to their name. If you would like to share this event with someone, check the 'Invite' box next to their name. You can also click the 'Attend' box if they should be present at the event.

This way of sharing gives you great flexibility to share and hide the event from certain people. In fact, if you are adding an event that should be private to your law firm, you don't have to share it with any clients or contacts. In the example below, the event will be shared with Ben and Colin but not Donovan or Brooke.

User-added image

Sharing an Existing Calendar Event

You can always edit the sharing settings for a calendar event after it has been created.

Open the Event Details page for the calendar event you'd like to edit. Click the Edit button.

User-added image

You will be taken to 'Edit Event Details' window. The Sharing columns on the right will show a checkmark if shared and an open box if unshared.

User-added image

Using the checkboxes, choose who should and shouldn't be invited to and attending the event.

When done, click Save Event.

Please Note: If you changed anyone FROM hidden and TO shared, they will receive an email from MyCase letting them know that a new calendar event has been shared with them.

What Happens When an Event is Shared?

When you share an event with a client or contact, MyCase will automatically send them an email notification that a new event has been created and shared with them. If updates and changes are made to that event, they will also receive email notifications that changes have been made. This is great because you don't have to worry about notifying people anymore, MyCase will do it for you!

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