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Edit, delete, and reorder fields in your templates

How to make any necessary edits on your template fields

Written by Crystal Lindsey
Updated over a week ago

Read more about the functions of the side task panel below:

1: Reordering Fields: Once you have more than one field created, if you hover over one of the fields, you'll see an icon that looks like six little dots on the left of the field. Place your mouse cursor over the dots and click and drag the field up or down.

2: Additional functions: edit, delete, exclude, or duplicate a field

3: Insert Field: insert fields one by one, or use the bulk insert option ( click the down arrow next to "Insert Field"

4: Number of instances: review how many instances you have for each field

5: Populate: You can draft documents from within the Word add-in or from within MyCase
Enter data for the fields and click Populate to draft the document directly within the Word add-in. If you want to reuse your data from MyCase, follow these steps to draft your documents.

6: Clear All: You may want to clear out the values in your field list to either (1) reset the state of the document so it looks like a template, or (2) wipe the field values so you can enter new ones.

7: Delete All fields: Click on the down arrow icon on the right of the "Clear all" button if you want to delete all fields in your document to either (1) clear field data before finalizing a template, or (2) start a template over without any fields.

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