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Populate Advanced Document Automation Within MyCase
Populate Advanced Document Automation Within MyCase
A step-by-step guide on how to generate Advanced Document Automation templates from within MyCase.
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With Advanced Document Automation's document automation integrated into MyCase, you can easily reuse data you have collected from your clients and cases to populate your existing Advanced Document Automation templates.

Items to Note

  • This integration is available to users with active subscriptions to MyCase Advanced.

  • Populate templates using data you have previously collected in MyCase.

  • Your templates must be saved in your Add-In’s Document Collection.

How it Works

  1. In MyCase, navigate to the "Cases" tab and select a case.

  2. From the Case Details page, select "Documents".

  3. Click the blue button on the right labeled "Add", and then select the dropdown option "From Advanced Document Automation Template".

  4. This will bring up a screen displaying the existing templates in your firm's Document Collection. If you know the name of the template(s) you want to populate, you can search using the box at the top of this screen.

  5. Select the template(s) you'd like to populate, and click "Next: Populate Templates" on the bottom right of the screen.

  6. Next, all fields associated with the templates you selected will be displayed. From here, you can select case or client data you have saved in MyCase. If you want to enter a different value, simply type in an arbitrary value. Note: Some field types will provide a pre-populated dropdown with data tied to your case in MyCase, while others will need you to input a value directly. Image fields are not yet supported. For reference, the following field types will prompt a dropdown containing MyCase data, or can be filled manually: Single line text, Multi line text, Rich text, Number, and Conditional fields.

  7. These field types have the same options as they do in Advanced Document Automation:

    • Single select, Multi select, Date, and Conditional select fields.

  8. Once you've input the information you'd like to use, name the document. Then, click "Save & Close" to populate your selected templates.

  9. Finally, navigate back to the Case Details page, select "Documents", and your newly populated templates will be available there.

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