Populating templates in the Word add-in

How to populate a template with new information

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Once you created and inserted the fields into your document, the next step is to populate the document with your information.

If you draft your documents from the add-in, you cannot reuse the client information from MyCase. You must draft your documents from within MyCase if you want to auto-populate data and you can read more here about the steps.

Populate one template

  • Click the field(s) and type in the new information for that field

  • Click the Populate button at the bottom of the window.

  • You'll then see the Advanced Document Automation dynamically update the information in the document on the fly.

  • Since you already have client data in your template, use Microsoft Word's "Save as" option to save the Client's documents on your local computer. ( The floppy disk icon at the top of the side task panel should be only used to save your Master Template -without any client information- to your Document Collection)

Populate multiple templates at once

  • Click the down arrow next to the Populate icon:

  • You will see a list of the documents that are in your Document Collection for you to select. Select which documents you would like to populate in addition to the currently open document.

  • Give values to additional fields: Additional fields are fields that are present in one document but not another (only fields with the same name will be considered the same across multiple documents)

  • Click Populate

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