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How do I update my bank accounts?
How do I update my bank accounts?

This article will walk you through the process to update your bank account(s) information in MyCase.

Written by Crystal Lindsey
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This article will walk you through the process to update your bank account(s) information in MyCase.

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You must contact Payment Solutions to complete your bank account change. Please contact us by email at

There are only two things that you need to submit to update your accounts:

  • Bank Authorization Form

  • Supplemental Document

We will have you fill out the Bank Authorization Form and provide voided checks for each bank account in order to verify the payment information you provided.

Supplemental Document needed:

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Voided checks for each bank account you wish to deposit payments into. Please ensure that the checks have the firm's name printed on them.
If you are still waiting on new voided checks, we will accept, in their place:

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The account set-up document that your bank provided you with.

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The first page of your online bank statement (if your account number is not partially redacted).

Adding Multiple Bank Accounts

MyCase enables you to add multiple bank accounts. To do so, contact our Payments team using the above email or phone number.

The following section covers frequently asked questions regarding our Multiple Bank Accounts functionality.

1. Is there a limit to the number of bank accounts- operating or trust- that I can connect?

2. How many fee taking accounts can be designated?
Right now, only one "fee taking account" (the account from which credit card transaction fees are pulled) can be designated. Fees for all credit card transactions across your connected bank accounts will be pulled from the designated fee taking account.

3. Do I have to be a MyCase payments customer in order to add multiple bank accounts?
No. You can simply use MyCase to keep track of billing, if you wish. To connect offline accounts, simply contact our payments team.

4. Can I designate which firm members can access a connected account?
If a user has billing/payments permissions in MyCase, they will be able to view each connected account. MyCase does not currently have granular permissions built around multiple bank accounts.

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Please make sure the entire account number is on the statement. If it is not, then we will need a letter from your bank, with the firm name & address, routing number and account number, for each of your new accounts.

Please note: We recommend you leave your previous accounts open until we take your new accounts live and that we have ensured all processing payments have cleared.

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