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Managing When Client Related Expenses Have Been Paid Out
Managing When Client Related Expenses Have Been Paid Out
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We understand that you may want to enter your client reimbursable expenses and even receive upfront payment for them prior to your firm’s financial being impacted. MyCase allows you to control when you’d like to mark your client’s reimbursable expense as paid. You can accomplish this in two ways:

  • Mark the expense as paid when entering or reviewing later on.

  • Match an equivalent bank feed transaction with the expense for an automated status change.

Entering Expenses as Paid or Unpaid:

To mark an expense as paid when entering or reviewing the item simply select the toggle titled This expense has been paid. Upon selecting this option you will be prompted to select the Payment Account next. Now when the expense is saved an equivalent journal entry will be created based on the fields entered.

Please note: You will only be able to write a check if a checking/operating account is selected as the payment account. To write a check from trust, use the withdrawal from trust option which you can learn more about here.

Reviewing Bank Feed Transactions for Paid Items:

Another way to mark that your firm has paid a client related expense is when completing your bank feed matching. When you match a bank feed transaction to an expense that is in the ‘unpaid’ status it will match that transaction and automatically change the status to ‘paid’ as well.

To learn more about categorizing and matching bank feed transactions, click here.

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