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Firm Documents in MyCase Drive
Firm Documents in MyCase Drive
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To use this feature, first ensure you are using the latest version of MyCase Desktop. Click on the MyCase Desktop icon in your icon tray, then the About button. If you are on version 2.1.3, simply access your MyCase Drive in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) and click on the Firm Documents folder next to the Cases folder. If you are not on version 2.1.3, uninstall and reinstall MyCase Desktop.

What are firm documents in MyCase Drive?

The Firm Documents folder is a place to keep all of the documents that you'd like to store in MyCase that are not associated with cases. These are things like employee handbooks, policies and procedures, logos, marketing material, and more. This is handy because you and your staff can store these documents in MyCase and access them right from your desktop using MyCase Drive.


Adding Firm Documents to MyCase Drive

  1. Go to Local Host

  2. Open MyCase Drive

  3. See folders

    • Cases

    • Firm Documents

      • If you have added firm documents to MyCase via the browser, they will appear here.

      • To add documents to this folder from your local drive, drag and drop files from the desktop or local drive into the folder.

      • Create a new folder by right-clicking and selecting Create New Folder (It takes about 15 seconds for any changes you make to sync to MyCase in your browser.

  1. See Firm Documents added by going to MyCase in the browser

    • Look at Recent Activity on the Dashboard or

    • Go to the Documents tab and select Firm Documents to see newly added files


Sharing Firm Documents with Team Members

​​​​​​​To share documents with members of your firm, you need to give them permission to specific documents. To grant permission:

  1. Go to the Documents tab in MyCase on your browser

  2. Select Firm Documents

  3. Click on the document you added in MyCase Drive

  4. Select the Sharing tab

  5. Share or hide the document with firm users

  6. Repeat for each document you want to share

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