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MyCase Drive Guide

This article includes everything you need to know to install and operate MyCase Drive.

Written by Crystal Lindsey
Updated over a week ago

The following steps are outlined in this article:

MyCase Drive enables fast and secure file management that seamlessly integrates your desktop with MyCase. MyCase Drive is a virtual drive that can be installed on both PC and Mac computers. It works similarly to the desktop experience for OneDrive or Google Drive. All documents continue to be stored in the MyCase cloud and can be accessed, organized, and managed directly from the computer's File Explorer on your PC or Finder on your Mac. Any changes you make in MyCase Drive are automatically synced to the MyCase cloud and vice versa in a system designed for law firms.

You must install MyCase Desktop on your computer in order to use MyCase Drive.

Key Features:

  • Documents are securely stored in the cloud and seamlessly accessible from your desktop in a system designed for law firms.

  • Changes made within MyCase or your desktop are automatically synced to each other.

  • Organize your case documents and folders with drag'n'drop functionality.

Make the most of MyCase Drive by dragging and dropping documents into MyCase Drive and encouraging everyone at your firm to install MyCase Desktop.
Please note that MyCase Drive works best with one account per device. If you must switch between MyCase accounts on the same device, you will need to reinstall Drive on the second account and vice versa when switching between the two.

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If you are not a Windows user, please visit the following link to view a video outlining MyCase Drive for Mac.

Install and log into MyCase Desktop

Download and Install MyCase Desktop
MyCase Drive is included in the MyCase Desktop application for Advanced subscribers.

You can download MyCase Desktop from the main Documents tab in MyCase and the Documents tab in the Case Details page.

Click on "Desktop Access" button in the blue ribbon on the right side of the page .


Then click "Install MyCase Desktop."


The installation steps are different for PC and Mac computers.

Windows/PC Users: You will be directed to the Microsoft App Store Page to download and install the app. Click "Get" to download and install the app. Follow the Steps to Install MyCase Desktop onto your computer.

You may have already installed MyCase Desktop. If that is the case, the Windows App Store page button will say "Update" or "Open" the app. If that is the case, open MyCase Desktop, login, and follow the rest of the steps in this guide to get started using it!

NOTE: If you are unable to install MyCase Desktop from the Microsoft App Store Page, please contact MyCase Customer Support for assistance.


Mac Users: The app downloads via your browser. Open the MyCase Desktop installation package once the download is complete. Follow the Steps to Install MyCase Desktop onto your computer.


Login to MyCase Desktop
Once successfully installed, you will be able to access the app from Task Bar (Windows) or Menu Bar (Mac) near the clock. This is where you can Send Feedback, Log In, Log Out, Quit the App, and access the help article.





If you are not automatically signed into MyCase Desktop, you will need to sign in. This window can be opened by clicking "Log In" from the MyCase icon in the Task Bar (Windows) or Menu Bar (Mac) near the clock (above).





If you are already logged into MyCase in your browser, you will automatically be logged into MyCase Desktop. If not, you will need to enter your email address and password for MyCase to log into MyCase Desktop.
NOTE: You must be logged into the same account on both and MyCase Desktop. If you want to use MyCase Desktop for another account, you must install MyCase Desktop again.

If this is your first time using MyCase Drive, a walkthrough guide will display detailing the simple steps to get started.


Uninstall MyCase Desktop

The uninstallation experience is different for PC and Mac users:

Find MyCase Drive in your File Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac)

After you complete the walkthrough guide, MyCase Drive will automatically open in your File Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac).

On PCs, MyCase Drive is accessed from the File Explorer, where you currently manage files on your computer. MyCase Drive is in the Drive section, mounted on the :M drive.


On Mac computers, MyCase Drive is available in the Finder (Mac) in a folder under the "local host."

Please note that MyCase Drive will use storage on Mac devices. This is done to allow the search of folders within Drive using Finder.


Pro Tip: Drag the MyCase Drive Folder into the Favorites section of your Finder View.


Add MyCase Desktop to your start menu

To easily log into and manage MyCase Desktop, the app where MyCase Drive lives, add MyCase Desktop to the tray on your PC or the quick start bar on the Mac to easily log into and manage MyCase Desktop in the future.


Get the rest of your firm to use MyCase Drive

You can easily have the rest of your firm using MyCase Drive by following the steps outlined in this help article. Share this help article and video with them today!

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