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MyCase is changing the way law firms communicate with their clients by introducing both collaborative and "social network style" features. One such feature is Commenting. The commenting features of MyCase allow you and your clients to have discussions that are directly linked to various items in the system (calendar events, documents, tasks, etc.).

A major benefit of the commenting feature is that clients no longer have to call and/or email your office every time they have a question. It is easier for them to login to MyCase and comment on their case file.

What happens when I receive a new comment?

When someone leaves a new comment for you, depending on your notification preferences, three things can happen:

  • You will receive an email notification of the new comment

  • You will get a notification of the comment in your Recent Activity stream

  • The comment will be delivered to your Comment Inbox

What is the Comment Inbox?

The Comment Inbox is a place in MyCase where all of your comments a delivered to. Think of it like an email inbox... When you get a new message (comment), it is placed at the top of your inbox.

To access your Comment Inbox, click the Communications tab and select Comments within (pictured below).

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User-added image

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