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Creating a New Calendar Event
Creating a New Calendar Event

From either the calendar pages or the quick add menu, click "New Event"...

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The Add Event window will be displayed (pictured below) and you can enter the details for the calendar event.

Let's take a closer look at the Add Event window.

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Case Link - Specify the case/matter that this event should be linked to. Simply start typing the name of the case and it will appear in the auto-match, or click Browse All to view a list of all active cases. If you are adding a more generic event that should not be linked to a case (staff meeting, lunch meeting, etc.), check the box next to This event is not linked to a case.

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Event Name - Give the event a descriptive name. This name will appear on the calendar, in notification emails, and anywhere else that the event is mentioned.

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Date & Time - Specify the dates and times for the event.

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Location - Specify the location of the event. This is an optional field, so you don't have to choose a location. The dropdown will give you a list of your saved locations. If you need to create a new location, click the link New Location.

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Description - Enter a description for the event. Keep in mind, this description will be shared with all clients and firm users that you share the event with.

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Reminders - You can set as many reminders for the event as you'd like. Reminders can be sent to you via email, or appear as pop-up notifications when you're in MyCase.

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Privacy - If you mark an event as private, other firm employees will see the time blocked off on your calendar, but they will not be able to see the details of the event such as the name, location, and description.

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Sharing - Choose who you would like to share the event with. Learn more about Sharing Calendar Events.

When calendar events have been created and saved, they can be edited at any time by going back to the event and clicking on 'edit'. Also, events can be deleted by following the same steps but choosing 'delete'.


Create Time Entries through Calendar Events

A time entry can be added within previously created calendar events. The button will appear unless the event is an all day or multi-day event.

You will be presented with the ‘Add Time Entry’ icon and once clicked, this will have the case, date, duration and description pre-filled based on the event information. Any fields that are empty can be filled in for the time entry.


Click ‘Save’. When the time entry is saved on the event, it will be saved to the case file where it can be viewed, edited, removed, or placed on an invoice. You can also view the time entry from your recent activity feed.

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If you need to change your time zone on your calendar, please follow the steps below:
(1) Under your name in the top right hand corner > Settings
(2) Settings > My Settings
(3) My Settings > Edit Preferences
(4) Edit Preferences > Time Zones (update)
*This time zone will now be reflected on your calendar.

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