Call Log Overview
MyCase’s Call Log feature makes it easy to track missed calls and ensure that important messages are returned quickly.
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MyCase’s Call Log feature makes it easy to track missed calls and ensure that important messages are returned quickly. Improve communication with clients and between firm members with a centralized place for tracking calls and assign tasks to return calls.

How it Works

  1. Add a Call from either the “Add Item” button in the header or the Call Log Page.

  2. View all your missed calls or those missed by others in your firm in the Communications tab.

Add a Call

To add a call simply click on the Add Item menu in the upper right hand corner, then choose Add Call

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Incoming or Outgoing - Choose whether the call was incoming or outgoing.

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Date and time - Specify the date and time of the call.

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Caller name - Name of the person that called. If not already in your MyCase account you can still log the persons name.

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Phone number - The phone number that is best for the contact, this will pre-populate if the call is associated to a contact / lead with a phone number so you don’t have to type it in.

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Case/Potential Case - If the call you are adding is related to a particular case/potential case, specify the case name here. This list will be limited to those cases associated to the contact or lead selected in step 3.

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Call for - The firm user who they were calling for.

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Message - Description of what took place during the call.


Resolved or Unresolved - Choose whether the call has been completed with no further action required or if the call requires further follow up.


Timer - A timer will automatically time the amount of time you spend on the call log window. Pull this window up when you take a call to accurately track the time you spend on a call.


Save Call Log & Create Time Entry - If you choose to save the call log and create a time entry, a new time entry window will appear after saving the call log. The time entry will be prefilled with the amount of time that was captured by the call log's timer.

View Missed Calls

In addition to assigning tasks to the user the call was for, you can always access a list of all call records by clicking on the Communications tab and then selecting the option for Call Log

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.This is where all calls for the firm will be listed in chronological order starting with the newest at the top. On this screen you also have the ability to Add a Call, create a follow up task for a previous call, edit the call details, or delete the call in entirely.

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