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Case Revenue Allocation for MyCase Accounting
Case Revenue Allocation for MyCase Accounting

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Written by Jodi Hinkle
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Case Revenue Allocation streamlines end-of-accounting period reporting before it even happens. By assigning revenue accounts to cases when created, users save the hassle of manual adjustments and gain customizable insights to drive a more profitable firm.

Allocating A Revenue Account When Creating a New Case

Allocating your designated revenue to a case happens during Step 3 in the Add Case workflow. To learn more about creating a new case, click here.

  1. Assign a Revenue Account in the Billing tab.

  2. Choose the Revenue Account you want to allocate to the case you are creating.

  3. Then select Continue to Staff.

Important: When assigning a revenue account, only ‘Operating Revenue’ accounts are displayed in the available options. This field cannot be left blank.

Adding a New Revenue General Ledger Account

There are two ways to allocate cases to a new revenue account during case setup.

New Account:

  1. Select Create a New General Ledger Account in the Revenue Account drop-down.

  2. Enter the following on the next screen:

    1. Account Name.

    2. Account Number.

    3. Designate the account as a ‘Sub-Account,’ if applicable.

    4. Select Create Account to Save.

Chart of Accounts Page:

3. Navigate to the Chart of Accounts Page.

4. Select Add a New Account.

5. Enter the following:

a. Select the Account Type, Operating or Revenue.

b. Add Account Name.

c. Add Account Number.

d. Designate the account as a Sub-Account, if applicable.

e. To save, select Create Account.

Updating the Revenue Account Associated with a Case

You can update an existing case to have a newly allocated revenue account anytime.

To update an existing account:

  1. Navigate to the case details page for the case you want to update.

  2. Select the Time & Billing subtab.

  3. Scroll down to the Case Billing Information section.

  4. Select the Edit button.

  5. Select the Revenue Account.

  6. Choose the Revenue Account that you would like to allocate.

  7. Select Update Billing to save the new account allocation.

Viewing the Ledger For A Revenue Account

When reviewing other items, the ledger associated with the Revenue Account allocated to your case is easy to access.

  1. Navigate to the Time & Billing subtab of your case

  2. Scroll down to the Case Billing Information section.

  3. Click on the Revenue Account hyperlink to see your allocated revenue account's ledger and associated journal entries.

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