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Conditional Fields Depending on Other Conditional Fields
Conditional Fields Depending on Other Conditional Fields

Build Nested Conditions for Robust Document Automation

Written by Crystal Lindsey
Updated over a week ago

Nested conditionals mean that you create a conditional field that depends on another conditional field. Below you can learn how to do that with Advanced Document Automation:

1: Let’s say you need to ask Question A with the options "Yes"/"No".

2: If the answer is "Yes", then you ask a follow-up question (Question B) with options "Yes"/ "No".

3: Lastly, we have Question C, which only appears if Question B is "Yes". Question C is a nested conditional, as it depends on another conditional field's value.

How to build this scenario:

Step 1: Question A will be a single select field with Options 'Yes", "No"

Step 2: Question B will be a conditional field since it only shows up if Question A was answered "Yes."
Since Question B is also a Yes/ No field, choose the Single-select THEN statement.

Step 3: Lastly, we'll want to create Question C, which depends on Question B.
When you try to create the conditional field, you will notice that you cannot choose Question B in the IF statement dropdown.

Conditional fields are not supported in the IF statements, but there is a workaround! Transfer this field’s value to a formula field, and the formula field will appear in the IF statement dropdown with Question B's value:

  • Create a new field "Question B - Formula" and choose the Formula field type.

  • In the Formula textbox, reference Question B field.

Step 4: Create the Question C field now. The conditional field IF statement now will include "Question B- Formula" which has the value of Question B!

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