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Getting Started with Template Building
Overview of Advanced Document Automation Add-in Side Task Panel
Overview of Advanced Document Automation Add-in Side Task Panel
Written by Eszter Takacs
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The Advanced Document Automation add-in will allow you to build robust templates you can draft from within MyCase.

After logging in, you will see your Dashboard, and you can choose if you want to turn your document into a new template or open any saved templates.

By clicking the Build a New Template icon, you can access the template-building features:

1: Main Menu: by clicking this icon, you can access the following options

  • Dashboard

  • Saved Templates: Store templates in your Saved Templates so you can draft your Documents from within MyCase

  • Clause Library: Store frequently used clauses in your Clause Library so you can easily create, reuse and share them with your team

  • Reuse Fields: reuse fields across templates so you don’t have to recreate fields again and again.

  • Sample Templates: download and use our sample templates

  • Chat with Us: reach out to us 6 AM- 4 PM (PST)

  • Help: Access our Knowledge Center Articles

2: Dashboard: Turn your document into a new template or open a saved template.

3: Search Field: When you have several fields in a template, you may find it difficult to locate the field you want to edit. With our field search feature, it is easy to find the field you are looking for.

4: Highlight all fields: With the "Highlight All Fields" feature, you can quickly and easily see all instances of all fields that are present in your template, making it simple and easily distinguish between the dynamic and static data in your documents.

5: Simple view allows you to hide the fields that don't require user input ( e.g. conditional fields, formulas)

6: Save Templates to the Collection: save your template to your Collection with a click

7: Download Fields as CSV file: You can download a list of fields your current template includes

8: Auto-template: Automatically turn any document into an Advanced Document Automation template. Read more about the feature here

9: Create a field: First step of creating a template manually.

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