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What is Milestones?

With Milestones, firms can send clients automated case updates via text, with information such as a description of the next stage, video chats, and FAQs to keep clients in the know about their cases. Automating the client journey not only enhances the client experience, it also reduces the volume of live client contact a firm has to manage.

Firms can also use Milestones to send mass text messages to notify clients of office/holiday hours, prompt happy clients to leave reviews, and send client updates based on time that has elapsed.

How does the Milestones integration work?

By integrating with MyCase, firms can sync contact and document data between the platforms, eliminating data entry and keeping everything organized in one easy-to-find place.

Messages sent or received from Milestones syncs MyCase, and any documents uploaded to Milestones will also sync to MyCase.

Learn more about Milestones here.

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