Sharing templates with your team
How to share Document Automation Add-In templates with the rest of your team
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You'll get the most value out of your Document Automation Add-In templates when you share them with your whole team. Thankfully, the add-in provides lots of standardization features for your templates so that when they're shared, your teammates will be able to clearly and efficiently populate your templates without any mistakes.

Since templates are just regular Microsoft Word documents, sharing a template with a teammate is as simple as sharing the file the same way you would share any other Microsoft Word document (email, shared drive, etc.). You can share templates with your teammates by emailing them as attachments, saving them in a cloud storage drive such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, etc., or using any other file transfer method that you prefer.

When your teammate opens the template you've shared with them and subsequently launches the Document Automation Add-In, they'll see the same fields that you've created and will be able to populate the template just as you were able to. You can also share documents with your team in the Saved Templates section.

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