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Retaining Auto-Numbering in Multilevel Lists
Retaining Auto-Numbering in Multilevel Lists

Automatic lists automatically renumber paragraphs and retain their sequence.

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It's often convenient to use multilevel lists to better organize your content. Microsoft Word provides the ability to construct multilevel, auto-numbered lists within your document. It's simple to create and modify any type of multilevel list (i.e.numbered or bulleted) using Advanced Document Automation and Word's auto-numbering feature together. NOTE: At this time, multilevel lists are not supported by the Multi-populate feature.

Key features

  1. Works with anymultiline text field

  2. Can be used with any Microsoft Word list style

Step By Step Guide

  1. Create a new multiline text field (a "multiline conditional then type" works here as well).

  2. Construct your list. A hard-line break (achieved by pressing "enter") indicates a new "top-level" list item. A hard-line break immediately followed by two spaces indicates a new list level.

  3. Insert the field created in Step 2 within an existing list in your document. The field will inherit the text formatting that exists at that location.

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