Tips for Working with Rich Text Fields

Setting alignment, font styling and font sizes using Rich Text Fields

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Rich Text Fields allow you to style text using formatting attributes such as Bold, Italics, Underline, Font Type, Font Color, and Background Text Color. Rich Text formatting overrides the default style of the document and inserts texts into the document styled with the font decorations and alignment options you select.

To apply the desired formatting: enter your text into the field box, select the text you want to format, and then select the formatting options you want to apply.

(Simply changing the styling with the Rich Text controls without selecting the text first, will not work.)


  • Unlike Single Line Text Fields, which only take up the width of the text within them, Rich Text Fields take up an entire line in the document.

  • Due to a bug in Microsoft Word, for formatting involving alignment to work correctly, a blank line must be left at the end of the text inserted into a Rich Text Field.

• Due to another bug in Microsoft Word, font size 12 is not available as an option in a Rich Text field. To set the font size to 12, set the Document font size to 12, and choose Document Default for the font size in your Rich Text field.

• To combine bullet points and font styling (such as bold and italics), add bullet points directly to the values in the Rich Text field using these keyboard shortcuts:

on a Mac: Alt + 8

on a PC: Alt + 0149 (on the numeric keypad, not your keyboard)

Want to use a different style bullet? You can copy + paste any bullet point into the field.

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