Dynamic Signature Lines ( one or more signers)

Create dynamic signature lines based on the number of signatories you have

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With Advanced Document Automation, you don't need to have many templates to cover all the scenarios. Thanks to conditional fields you can create dynamic signature lines in your templates.

Let's say you have a document that can have a variable number of clients. and your signature line should change based on that.

1: Create a Single Select field for the number of Clients.

2: Create fields for the Clients, so you can populate data from MyCase.

To make the drafting process as seamless as possible, we recommend creating the Client Name fields as Conditional Input, rather than Single line text, so the fields only appear when you need them. ( e.g. if you can have up to 4 clients in general, but in this case, you only have 2 clients, you can hide Client 3 and 4 fields)

To achieve this, use conditional fields with the "greater than" operator:

The first field name is the "Name of Client 1" and the conditional is the following: IF "Number of Clients" is greater than 0, THEN type "Input".

The next field will be similar, so duplicate the previous field and change the conditional sentence as follows: IF "Number of Clients" is greater than 1, THEN type "Input".

"Input" in this case means that when the conditional sentence is true, Advanced Document Automation will insert this additional field into the template. This will create a dynamic workflow and ensures that you filled all the fields needed in the template.

3: Create a Conditional field called "Signature Line."

To assemble the final signature line, we'll create a Conditional field and set up two conditions:

  1. IF the Number of Clients equals to 1 THEN type
    {Name of Client 1}

  2. IF the Number of Clients equals to 2 THEN type

    {Name of Client 1}
    {Name of Client 2}

The signature line will pull in the name of Client 1 and Client 2 and form a final signature line depending on whether a value is specified for one or two Clients.

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