Creating Address Blocks

Use Word tables with the Advanced Document Automation field to create address blocks.

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Depending on how you want to display addresses in your Documents, you may need to create the address block differently:


1) Full address listed in one line: 1234 Street, San Diego, CA 91911

  • Create a Full Address Field in your Templates

  • Map it with Clients Address Fields > Full Address

2) Full address listed in two lines:

1234 Street
San Diego, CA 91911

If you need to insert, for example, the client's full address in the document and you're reusing data from MyCase, the "Full address" field will create one line in your document, e.g. 1234 Street, San Diego, CA 91911
If you need to have the address in two lines, you must create four fields: "Street Address," "City," "State," and "Zip" and insert them in two lines in your document.

3) Multiple Addresses

The best way to insert addresses to your Document is to use a table and insert your fields into cells in the table.
Click Insert > Table > Select the Table size you need
For this example, we created a table with the Number of Columns = 2 and Number of Rows = 1 to get two address blocks on the same line.

Create your fields and insert them into each cell of the table. Change alignment options for the fields in the cells using the Microsoft Word controls.

Remove borders by clicking on the Table to activate the Table Design menu in the Microsoft Word ribbon. Select Borders > No Border.

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