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Reference a field value or clause from within another field
Reference a field value or clause from within another field

How to use Macros in your Advanced Document Automation Templates

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Macros offer a simple way to utilize a field’s value or clauses across other fields.

For example, if you had a Client name field, you can simply enter “{Client name}” within another field and the add-in will dynamically insert the value of the Client name into the new field where it is referenced. Here’s an example:

Field #1: Client name = John Smith

Field #2: Client address = {Client name} lives at 123 Main St.

After inserting “Field #2” into the document and clicking Populate, the value for “Field #2” becomes: John Smith lives at 123 Main St.

Adding Macros to fields:

Click the textbox on the right side of the field to reference another field or Clause. Fields will be denoted with {curly braces}, while Clauses with {{double curly braces}}.

You will see the same icon if you need to reference a field's value or Clause in a conditional field:

Using Macros in Clauses

Access the Clause Library from the main menu, and click "Add a clause". You'll be presented with the same icon to reference a field or clause.

Note: When you update a field name, the add-in searches for existing macro references in the current template. If any are found, they are updated to reference the new field name.

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