Install Advanced Document Automation

Installing Advanced Document Automation directly from Microsoft Word or Microsoft App Store

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IMPORTANT Please do not install ADA via Microsoft's Admin Center. Install the add-in directly in Word or from Microsoft App Store, following the instructions below.

Can I use the Word add-in on multiple computers?

  • Yes, you can launch ADA on any computer, similar to MyCase.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Use the same computer to build or edit your templates. Due to Microsoft's handling of Document IDs, templates need to be edited on the same computer on which they were originally built.

Microsoft Word

In the Word Ribbon, go to Insert > My Add-ins> Office Store. Then search for MyCase.

Microsoft App Store

1: Click the Install "Advanced Document Automation" button below and you'll be directed to the App Store

2: When you're on the App Store Page click "Get it now"

3: Log in to your Microsoft Account (a Microsoft account is required to use Word add-ins)

4: Click "Open in Word"

5: Click "Trust this add-in"

6: You're all set!

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