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Integrating Lawmatics with MyCase
Integrating Lawmatics with MyCase
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What is Lawmatics?

Lawmatics' customizable automations quickly and effectively engage leads and clients to scale a firm's business and optimize the client experience. Lawmatics is a powerful automation platform designed to help modern law practices streamline client intake, relationship management, and marketing automation efforts. With Lawmatics, law firms get more done in less time, impress more clients, and win more business.

How does Lawmatics work?

Lawmatics offers a suite of marketing automation capabilities to drive growth in your business. Custom forms let you build an intake process that works for you. Communication via email and text messaging allows firms to connect with leads through an efficient yet personalized approach.

Tailored campaigns send the right message to the right person at the right time based on specific triggers/events- turning old business into new business and leads into customers.

Comprehensive visual reporting allows you to track the success of your marketing efforts in real-time.

With the new MyCase integration. when your lead converts to a client in Lawmatics, a new case is created in MyCase, and data in custom fields, notes, and documents sync over to the client's case in the MyCase platform.

This end-to-end integration ensures all firm users can access the new client data through their MyCase workflow- no additional training or skills are needed to use this benefit.

How do I integrate Lawmatics and receive support for my practice?

To get started with the integration, please reach out to Lawmatics here.

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