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How to Import Outstanding Bills (Firm Expenses)
How to Import Outstanding Bills (Firm Expenses)
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In this article we'll cover importing of your outstanding bills (accounts payables) for easy setup or on a continual basis if you'd like. Follow the steps below to complete a successful migration of your data.

  • When you import your bills the system will create any bills listed on the import data sheet

  • Please ensure there are no duplicates and that your bills have not already been entered

Prepare the MyCase Bills Template

To complete a successful migration of your bills (firm expenses/accounts payables) you'll need to use MyCase's import template. You can access this by logging in and navigating to the Accounting > Bills & Expense screen. Select Add Bill and then choose the option for Import Multiple Bills. Here you'll have the option to download the import template and once downloaded, open the file and complete all of the required fields.



Bill Name

Vendor Name

Invoice Date

Due Date

Total Amount


Paid Amount

Payment Date

Payment Account Number

Check Number

Importing your Bills file

  1. Navigate to the Bills & Expenses page and select the option for Add Bill

  2. When the Import Wizard loads select the file that you have prepared for import

  3. Drag or click to upload your prepared file

  4. After you have uploaded your file click Submit

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 2.35.31 PM.png

After you submit your Bills import all bills successfully imported will show within your outstanding bills list. Any bills that fail will show an error warning.

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