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Quickly organize your case documents with Default Folders! Default Folders are a template folder structure that you can reuse for multiple cases. Create various default folders for each area of law you practice, for different case stages, or any other way that makes sense for your firm.

To apply Default Folders to a case, follow the instructions below:

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Navigate to the Documents section of your case details page

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Click the Add button on the right hand side

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Choose Apply Default Folders

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If your firm has not created a set of Default Folders, you will be prompted to create one:

First, name the folder set. Use a descriptive name so that you know which cases to apply it to in the future.

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Once you save the name of the folder set, you will be prompted to create its first folder. Next, you will be able to 1) add additional folders & 2) subfolders, or 3) delete and 4) rename folders. Then, click 5) Save & Apply Folders and your Default Folders will be added to your case and also saved within MyCase for future use on another case!

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You also have the option to Manage your sets by renaming or deleting default folders:

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Changes made to your Default Folders will only apply to future cases. Cases that you have previously applied Default Folders to will not be updated unless you go in and manually update the folders in that case.

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