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You may have noticed that our help center looks a little different. This change allows you to get the help you need quickly. When you select the Get Help button in the bottom left-hand corner of your MyCase account, you can get help from our Customer Success Team, see the most viewed Knowledge Center articles, or search for a topic you'd like more information about.

You first see the option to start a conversation by selecting the Send us a message button. Helpful articles will be suggested based on the message you send while you wait for a support specialist to chat with you. You’ll also see all your conversations by selecting the link. Next, you can search for help articles or see suggested articles. Finally, you see What’s New product and feature updates.

To view an article, select the title. The article automatically expands. To reduce the view, select the arrow next to the title. Once you review an article, let us know if it helped you solve the problem by selecting an emoji.

You can also continue to go to the MyCase Knowledge Center by selecting Get Support in MyCase or the MyCase website.

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