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How To Export Data From TimeSlips
How To Export Data From TimeSlips

The objective of this article is to export your data from TimeSlips to be imported into MyCase.

Written by Sarah Schneider
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The objective of this article is to export your data from TimeSlips to be imported into MyCase. Please note that the success of your data migration into MyCase depends on the quality of your data set. This includes exporting your data in .csv or .xlsx format, ensuring headers are in the top row of the spreadsheet, and removing duplicate entries. If you are unsure as to how to format your data, please reach out to a Customer Support representative for assistance. If eligible for onboarding services, a Data Migration Specialist will assist you in the formatting and organizing of your data.


Contacts and Matters:

  1. Click on Reports

  2. Click Client

  3. Click Client Info Listing

  4. Double click Client Info Listing

  5. Remove any filters so all cases are exported

  6. Choose Print as Excel File

  7. Create/Print File (this will not actually start printing the file)

  8. Open and Save

*Repeat steps for other desired exports

Outstanding Balances and Trust Balances:

  • Run the Aged A/R Balances report

  • Run the Trust Funds Account Listing report

Time Entries and Expenses:

Run the Slip Listing report


  1. Open TimeSlips

  2. Click File > Export

  3. Click Slips

  4. Click Open Report Entry

  5. Under Selection Filters, select both Slips and Slip Transaction Date, whichever is available. If either is not already in the box to the right of the arrows, click the right facing arrow to move Clients into that listing

  6. Select the date range parameters when prompted; choose the date range which comprises as little billed activity as possible, to capture only the unbilled time

  7. Next to Print to: select Comma Separated Values (CSV)

  8. Save in location you can easily access

  9. Make sure the Include Field Labels option is checked before saving

OR (Slip export for versions 2019-above)

  1. Click Reports

  2. Click Slips

  3. Click Monthly Slip Listing for User

  4. Set date range

  5. Slip filters:

    1. Slip Classification - Open

    2. Users - All

    3. Clients - All

  6. Print to: CSV

  7. Make sure to Include Column Titles

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