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Credit Card Payout Report
Written by Crystal Lindsey
Updated over a week ago

The Credit Card Payout Report is used to help MyCase Payments users reconcile their MyCase Payments transactions with their financial statements.

Each report (filterable by date range) will display a list of all MyCase Payments credit card transactions that occurred during a given period. With each transaction, the report will detail the associated receivable (e.g. invoice, consultation fee, etc.) as well as the credit card fee that resulted from the transaction. We will also highlight the total number of credit card payouts, total dollar amount of these payouts, and total processed fees for the designated date range at the top of the report.


In the above image, using the example transaction dated 2021-11-10, we can see the following information:

  1. The transaction occurred on 2021-11-10

  2. The credit card payout occurred on 2021-11-15 into the firm's operating account

  3. The MyCase Contact associated with the transaction is Casey Stangle

  4. The CC information was entered by Casey Stangle for the Casey Stangle Case

  5. The payment is associated with invoice #02446

  6. The payment was made using a Visa credit card for an amount of $50

  7. The CC fee stemming from this transaction is $1.50

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