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MyCase's home dashboard gives you insight into your current workload by summarizing your tasks and your upcoming events for the day. You will also be able to see important firm billing data like trust account balance and overdue invoice total (if you have the proper permissions). The dashboard also gives you a quick summary of open cases and leads added and converted over time. You will also have access to easily install any integration on the dashboard. Finally, the dashboard will display all users' recent activity so you can easily see what other firm members are working on or when a client logs into the client portal.

Dashboard Sections

Financial Overview

This section displays your firm's Trust Account Balance, Invoices Paid Month to Date, Overdue Invoice Total, and Unsent Invoice Total, which gives you easily accessible insight into your firm's financials as you log in. Only firm members that have proper billing permissions will see this section. For more information about your firm's financials, visit the Billing > Financial Insights page.


My Tasks

This section gives an overview of your tasks that are Due Today, Overdue, or Incomplete. This gives you an idea of your pending workload and helps you plan your work day better. For more information about your tasks, please visit the Tasks tab.


Open Cases

This section displays the number of open cases your firm is currently handling. It also gives you helpful case insights like how many cases were opened, closed, or changed statuses in the last 30 days. Having this information on the dashboard gives you a quick overview of your firm's case load. Case permissions do apply t o this section. For more detailed insights on cases, visit Cases > Case Insights page.


Leads Over Time

This section displays a graphical representation showcasing your firm's intake of leads over time . This chart will help you see trends in lead intake, conversion, and did not hire so that you can understand the health of your intake pipeline. For more information, visit Leads > Lead Insights page.

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Today's Events

This section displays a snapshot of all your calendar events for the present day. If you hover over an event, you are shown its details in brief, such as the case the event is linked to. This quick access to all of your events for the day helps you plan your day around your calendar more efficiently. For more information about all your events, visit the Calendar tab.


New Communications

This section displays how many new/unread communications you have. This includes texts, messages, and calls. For more information on respective communications, visit the Communications tab.



This section displays all of your current billing alerts. This includes your ACH rejected payments, overdue invoices, low trust balances, and any expiring credit cards giving you the insights you need into your billing. Only users with the proper billing permissions will be able to see this information.


Apps and Integrations

This section shows you some of the essential third party integrations that are available with MyCase. You can click on the button which will take you to the Integrations & Apps page. This is where you will be able to set up an integration. You can also access integrations by clicking Settings > Integrations & Apps.
Note: Some integrations require you to create a separate account with the provider (i.e. Google Calendar, Mailchimp, etc).


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