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What are Firm Docs?
Written by Crystal Lindsey
Updated over a week ago

When you open the main Documents tab, you will notice three filter options: Case Docs, Firms Docs, and Templates. This article explains more about Firm Docs.

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Firm Docs is a place to keep all of the documents that you'd like to store in MyCase that are not associated with cases or matters. These are things like employee handbooks, policies and procedures, logos and marketing material, etc. This comes in handy because now you can rest assured that you and your staff can access these items from anywhere. Simply login to MyCase, open the Firm Docs section, and then all of your important documents are waiting for you.
Your documents can be simply listed here, organized by tags, and also added to folders. Folders can be added by clicking the Add button, then Folder.

Uploading/Saving a Document to Firm Docs

When you upload/save a document in MyCase, there is a field called Case Link (pictured below).

Click the checkbox next to This document is not linked to a case. It will appear in the Firm Docs section of MyCase.

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In the screen shot above, notice the Sharing Column (on the right) - it is populate with all the firm users on your MyCase account. When you upload/save a document to Firm Docs, you will need to let MyCase know which other firm users should be able to access the document. Check the box to each person's name, or simply click on "All Firm Users" to make the document available to everyone at your firm.

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