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Think of cases like folders on your computer. In MyCase, you create a case, give it a name, and it becomes the place where items related to that case such as events, documents, tasks, messages, bills, etc., are stored. There is no limit to the number of cases you can have in the system.

The Cases Tab provides a list of cases that have been added to the system. You can see the name of the case, which clients have been linked to it, which firm users have been linked to it, and who added it.

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My Cases: By default, Show Only My Cases will be selected. This filters the list of cases and shows only those that you are linked to. All Firm Cases: If you have the access permission to view data from every case in your firm's MyCase account, you will have the option to turn off Show Only My Cases. Turning this off will display every case in the system whether or not you are linked to it.

Go to Case Details: Clicking on a case name will take you to its details page (pictured below).

The Case Details page provides a snapshot of a particular case. You'll have instant access to the items related to that case, as well as a list of the clients and firm users who have been linked to it.

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