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Logging In & Posting on your MyCase Website Blog
Logging In & Posting on your MyCase Website Blog
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  1. Login to your site. The login URL should be similar to this:

  2. Locate the Posts section, then click Add New.

  3. Start by adding a title in the Enter title here section.

  4. Then click in to the Visual/Text editor section below. Here, you can add the text of your article, images, subheadings, etc. You’ll also notice a toolbar at the top that you can use to stylize items and change settings on the content.

  5. To add an image to your post, click the Add media button, then select your file or drag it into the upload window. Then scroll down in the ATTACHMENT DETAILS section. Here, you can add alt text (what search engines see when they come across your photo) then choose to align, link, & size the image. Once you are done, click the Insert to post button.

Other Advanced Features:

  • There is a Toolbar Toggle button near the end of the list that will give you some extra options like changing font color and adding a horizontal rule.

  • The toolbar also has a button to Paste as text which can be very useful if you draft the posts in a separate word processor.

  • Another great feature where you can schedule posts to be published at a later date. Many of our customers use this so that they can draft a few posts at a time, then schedule them to go out every week or two.

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