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How to Export Data from Tabs3 with Practice Master
How to Export Data from Tabs3 with Practice Master
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The objective of this article is to export your data from Tabs3 with the Practice Master interface to be imported into MyCase. Please note that the success of your data migration into MyCase depends on the quality of your data set. This includes exporting your data in .csv or .xlsx format, ensuring headers are in the top row of the spreadsheet, and removing duplicate entries. If you are unsure as to how to format your data, please reach out to a Customer Support representative for assistance. If eligible for onboarding services, a Data Migration Specialist will assist you in the formatting and organizing of your data.


When exporting data, ensure all users are logged out before beginning the export. Also data must be synced from Tabs3 to Practice Master before the export to include contact information.


  1. Select the Maintenance tab in the Practice Master interface

  2. Click File Maintenance

  3. Select the desired export files (CMCLIENT, CMRELATE, CMJRNL, CMCALENDAR)

  4. Click OK

  5. Select Utility

  6. Click Export Data

  7. Rename the file and add β€œ.csv” to the end to convert into a spreadsheet format

  8. Click OK

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