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Document Migration to MyCase Drive- New Customers
Document Migration to MyCase Drive- New Customers

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With MyCase Drive, migrating documents into MyCase is easier than ever. Simply drag'n'drop the contents of a folder from an explorer window into the case folder in MyCase Drive.

Best Practices for Migrating Documents:

  • Only migrate documents for active cases.

  • Migrate documents after business hours or on the weekend to ensure that no one is changing documents during migration.

  • Let your firm know when you are beginning the migration so that they do not make changes in your current system after migration is started.

  • If needed, break down the migration by practice area or teams to make it more manageable.

  • Make sure your firm knows once the migration is complete so they switch to only adding and editing files in MyCase.

Already have documents in MyCase? Please visit Document Migration to MyCase Drive for Existing Customers.

In this article, the following migration steps are outlined:

Step 1: Accessing your existing files

If you are currently storing your documents on a shared server or using a desktop application for Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive, the migration process is simplified because you will be able to drag folders and files directly from a File Explorer window into the right case in MyCase Drive.

If you are storing your documents in a system that does not provide desktop access, like NetDocs or iManage or many legal practice management solutions, you will need to export those files and folders from your existing document management system and store them on your computer or a server.

Step 2: Drag'n'drop folders into MyCase Drive

You can simply drag all the subfolders and files within the case folder in your existing system right into the corresponding case folder in MyCase.

We do not recommend dragging the main case folder from your current system into the MyCase Folder because you would then have an additional click to access all your files within the case.

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NOTE: New customers will need to wait until their case data has been imported into MyCase before migrating documents. This is because the top-level case folders in MyCase Drive are automatically generated when a case is created and cannot be created manually from MyCase Drive.

Drag the subfolders and files within the case folder in your existing system into the corresponding case folder in MyCase Drive.


You will need to repeat step 2 for each case into which you want to migrate documents. We recommend migrating documents only for active cases.

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