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Managing Your Accounting Subscription
Managing Your Accounting Subscription
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Adding User Licenses to Your Accounting Subscription

To start an Accounting subscription, please navigate to the Billing tab on your MyCase account and select 'Purchase Accounting' in the Accounting Add-on section of the page. From here, select the number of users you wish to purchase a license for. New users added will be charged a prorated amount determined by their next billing cycle date. During the next month's billing cycle, firms will be charged the full amount.

Removing User Licenses from Your Accounting Subscription

To remove a user license from your Accounting subscription, click on Settings in the upper right hand corner of your MyCase account and select All Settings from the drop down menu. Then, select Firm Settings from the left hand column of the page. Next, select Billing within Firm Settings. Finally, select Add-Ons. Here you will see a list of users who are on the Accounting subscription. Select the trash can icon next to the user license that should be removed.

Upon confirmation of removing an Accounting license:

  • The user license charges will not renew for the next billing cycle.

  • You will not be refunded for remaining days in the current billing cycle.

  • The user will immediately lose access to Accounting and Accounting Reports.

Canceling Your Accounting Subscription

Removing all user licenses from the Accounting Add-Ons section of the Billing page will cancel your Accounting subscription. You may return to this section at any time to re-purchase Accounting licenses.

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