Consultation Fees for Leads
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Using MyCase’s Leads feature you have the ability to create a consultation fee invoice for a potential client and even receive payment using MyCase Payments.This article will walk you through creating a consultation fee invoice.

To create a new invoice, enter the Potential Case details for the Lead, click the Invoices subtab. Then, click the Add Invoice button. ​You will then be taken to the Add Invoice screen, where you can set up the consultation invoice for your potential client.

Creating a Consultation Fee Invoice

When you arrive at the Add Invoice screen you’ll have several options to choose from to create the invoice how you would like it to appear (pictured below).

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Invoice Header Block - The Invoice Header Block is where you can enter basic information about the invoice such as due date, lead name, invoice number, etc.

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Online Payments - You can turn Online Payments on or off by selecting this toggle. If your firm has MyCase payments enabled this will be defaulted to enabled.

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Description - Enter any description or notes that you would like to appear on the invoice for your potential client.

Recording Payment on a Consultation Fee Invoice

Once the Consultation Invoice has been created, you have the ability to record a payment on the invoice. If your firm has online payments enabled, you can accept payment from you client directly in-office or by emailing them a link. To record an In-Office or Offline Payment select the dollar sign icon ($) within the Invoices subtab of the potential case.

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To learn more about online payments through LawPay, click here.

Sending a Consultation Fee Invoice

After the invoice is saved, it can be emailed directly to the potential client's email. Separately, a link to a payment page can be sent via text as well if you have MyCase Payments turned on. To email or text message (SMS) the invoice to your potential client select the envelope icon related to the invoice in the Potential Case details. You can also download the invoice to print or attach it to an email as well.

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The invoice can be found in the Invoices section under the Potential Case details. It can also be viewed in the main Invoicing section in the Billing tab.

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Potential clients can only pay via credit card. Due to NACHA regulations, eCheck is not included at this time.
Any invoice created for a lead will affect the firm’s overall all Accounts Receivable and Collections amounts.

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