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Creating a New Task for your Client
Creating a New Task for your Client
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Many firms are constantly asking clients for information or to send items (docs, photos, forms, etc.) for their case via email or written letters. Client tasks help streamline this process by assigning tasks with due dates to clients, notifying you when they mark it complete, and making it easy to verify or reject what they provided.

Some examples of tasks that can be assigned to your clients:

  • Gathering information (intake forms outside of MyCase)

  • Upload documents

  • Reviewing and approving documents

  • Upload Photos

  • Copy of Driver’s License

  • Return signed documents

From the dashboard, tasks page, or quick add item menu, click New Task to display the Add Task window (pictured below). You will be able to specify the details of the task and have the option to assign the task to your client for them to complete.

How do I assign/ delegate Tasks to Clients?

To assign a task to your client, first create the task as you normally would (for more information about creating a new task click here). Once the task’s details have been entered, navigate to the right hand side of the Add Task modal to view the assign options. By selecting the checkbox to the right of their name, you will assign the task to that specific client for them to complete (pictured below).

Please note: The task MUST still be assigned to at least one firm user, so they can maintain oversight of the task.

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When saved, the client will get an email notification that a new task is assigned to them and it will appear in their Client Portal as an outstanding item. The task is then visible in the Tasks list in the main tab and Case Details as being linked to the firm user who is overseeing the task and is visible in the Case Details tab when filtering to “Client Tasks”.

When a client marks a task as complete, it will go into “Needs Confirmation” status. At this point is when a firm user has the ability to also mark this task as complete if correct.

What if my Client did not complete the task correctly?

We realize that clients may not complete a task correctly and that you may need to have them try again. Firm Members can review all tasks that clients say they completed in the Tasks tab of the Case Details Page. If they completed is satisfactorily, the firm member can accept the task by clicking “Confirm Completion” on the Case Details task list or Task Details Modal to remove it from the firm’s task list. If the client provided incomplete or incorrect information, the firm user assigned to the task can reject the task and re-assign it to the client by unchecking the checkbox for the task in the Task Details Modal.

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