The ability to upload folders to a Case via Drag’n’Drop is available to firms who go through the Onboarding process.


To ensure the upload is fully completed, please follow these best practices:

  • Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers only

  • We do not recommend uploading folders larger than 4GB. Depending on your internet strength, larger folders will take a long time to upload. If the upload is interrupted, the upload will be partially completed, meaning that some documents were uploaded and some were not.

  • Have a strong and consistent internet connection

  • Do not close the tab while an upload is in progress

  • Do not navigate away from an upload while its in-progress (please use a different tab to continue working if necessary)

  • Ensure the files are not open by any other application

If the above best practices are not followed, we recommend visually verifying that all the folders and documents uploaded correctly. Please contact your Onboarding Manager or Customer Support if there are any problems or concerns about the folder upload.

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