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How to Submit MyCase Website Changes
How to Submit MyCase Website Changes

As a part of your monthly website service, our team is available to make changes to your site.

Written by Sarah Schneider
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As a part of your monthly website service, our team is available to make changes to your site. This can be something simple like updating an address or phone number or something more in-depth like adding a completely new page.

When you submit a change request you can expect to hear back from us within 24 hours on business days. To reach out to our team, please email with detailed info about your updates as outlined below.


To assist us in completing your revisions as quickly as possible, we have some guidelines that we recommend you follow when submitting a website update request.

To submit a website request, email You will receive a response in 1-3 business days. Please describe the change(s) you would like completed in detail by following the guidelines outlined in this document.

  1. You may include as many changes as you need in a single email request.

  2. For web copy/text changes, please send your new content in a Word document for copy/paste capabilities. You do not need to track your changes. Simply provide us with the updated copy and note what page/section it belongs to.

  3. Please make a note of which specific page(s)/URL's the change needs to take place and where. Please be descriptive in what you would like changed, providing exact text where applicable.

  4. Please provide all content and information necessary to make the changes in your email so that we can make the alteration as quickly as possible. Incomplete information may delay our ability to deliver the changes in a timely manner.

  5. For adding a new practice area or page, please attach the website content in a Word document, and attach any photos or graphics you would like (in a PNG or JPEG format) to include in the email when submitting the request. Please note that we do not write additional content for your pages or practice areas. Our content writing and stock photo purchasing services are only available during the initial website build.

  6. If you plan to work with an outside marketing or SEO company, please contact us with any questions regarding what that person can and cannot do with your site. We are unable to give third parties full Administrative access to your site, but we can provide Editor access upon request. If the SEO representative would like to work with us directly to make changes, they need to CC our mutual contact on your MyCase account to grant us permission on their behalf.

  7. For social media integration, please send the URL of the page you would like your site to link to.

  8. For reviews & testimonial page updates: please provide the testimonial itself in the correct format, matching any others on your site.

  9. For image/logo edits, please provide the image in a PNG or JPEG format for ease of downloading and adding to your website. We do not have the capabilities of editing an image using Photoshop or Illustrator, so please provide the image in its final form. We can, however, do simple cropping as needed to make it uniform with the site.

  10. For video edits and additions, please provide the URL and link to the video to embed. Youtube is the easiest format for uploading videos to your site. We do not have the capabilities of editing or cropping a video on our end. Please provide the video in its final form.

Do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions regarding your website or changes to it. Since your website was built on our proprietary platform, some aspects of it cannot be altered. If this is the case, we are happy to look into an alternative solution with you.

Please Note: In order to better assist you, we send out a quick survey at the end of your case. If you submit a few cases in a short amount of time, we will try not to send multiple surveys. If you do happen to receive multiple surveys, feel free to ignore the extras. Their purpose is to help us improve our service to you!

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