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Task Reminders

Never forget another important task or to-do item ever again!

Written by Crystal Lindsey
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Never forget another important task or to-do item ever again! MyCase lets you add reminders to tasks in the form of Email Reminders and/or Pop-Ups.


In the Add Task window, click on Add a reminder

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After clicking the “Add reminder” button in the Task modal, you have the ability to select the relevant user type from a dropdown. For example, if you were to select “Attorneys”, the reminder would be sent to all individuals with user type “Attorney” who are associated with the designated case AND with whom the event is shared.

If you belong to the type group as the Task creator, you will also receive the reminder.

Please Note: If a user has default reminder settings established, they will receive the reminder at both the time designated by the reminder creator AND at the time set forth in their default settings.

When setting up your reminder, choose the delivery method (email or popup), enter a number, then specify the unit (days or weeks).

You can add multiple reminders to a task. Keep clicking on Add A Reminder until everything is setup the way you want.

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Note: If you want to be reminded the day the task is due, select 0 days before due date. Reminders will be sent at midnight the morning the task is due.

Adding/Editing Reminders on Existing Tasks

You can always go back to existing tasks and add or edit reminders for it. To do so, click on the task and select the pencil icon option on the top-right of the task window.

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Or, from the task summary screen, simply click on the bell icon to the right of the task to add or edit the reminders for it.

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Currently assigning staff reminders is not support on the mobile application, however, this will be developed shortly.

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